Sunday Gathering – Fear and Generosity

Shambhala Online

In times of uncertainty fear easily comes up. We look for protection, especially in this time of pandemic and societal upheaval. What is the best protection? An exploration...

Sunday Gathering – Change is the Goddess

Shambhala Online

Contemplating impermanence is a foundational practice in the dharma. It is not only a way of "facing facts," integrating change opens our minds and hearts to the flow of nowness and the beauty of life. Reality becomes a portal to unreality. It allows us

Shambhala Online Book of the Month – October

Shambhala Online

Learn about books from our many wonderful Shambhala authors! Featured author for October is Suzi Siegal and her book "Tiny New York: The Smallest Things in the Biggest City".


Shambhala Art Part II: Seeing Things As They Are

Shambhala Online

Through meditation we come to see things as they are as opposed to how we think or imagine they are. NOTE: Shambhala Art Part I is a prerequsite for this course.

USD 149
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